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Current Steeze Decisions:

Miami Style - Teal or Gold?

Day 2 on this Miami-loving style quest. Not really sure how I want to swag it up. Hmmm… I guess I could go with what I’m wearing outfit wise, but I usually don’t really plan outfits in advance.¬†

Let’s set the tone for this decision. Today started off with an early morning breakfast, porch-side seating, warm weather conditions, girlfriend conversations to French Bossa Nova, and rockin’ them Bikini Tops. Uhh Huh! Yea. Into it! I’d want to wake up like this every morning. Anyways, ¬†Teal Style day or Gold style day?


Teal Pic: Sunglasses-soho vendor, bracelet- Bahamas Market/Nassau, earrings-don’t remember

Gold Pic: Sunglasses- My mom’s vintage Dior sunglasses, Earrings - Made them out of recycled leather

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